Peta ke Kelas Coklat

Peta ke Kelas Coklat
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Monday, July 6, 2009

2nd Order

2nd order is quite many for someone new like me.. Hope the customers are satisfied..

Chocs Available

1) Extremely Nutty
Milk/White/Dark chocolate mixed with peanut butter and almond nib.

2) Bold Bavarian
Milk/White/Dark chocolate with bavarian cream filling. New type. Dare to try it??

3) Kool Kiwi
Milk/White/Dark chocolate with kiwi filling.

4) Orange Zest
Milk/White/Dark chocolate filled with orange filling.

5) So Strawberrish
Milk/White/Dark chocolate with strawberry filling and strawberry bits.

6) Waffy
Hazelnut wafer coated with Milk/White/Dark chocolate.

7) Sweet Plain
Plain Milk/White/Dark chocolate.

8) Raise-in
Milk/White/Dark choc with black raisin inside.

9) All Almond
Milk/White/Dark chocolate with almond inside.



This is the sample for a box of 4 pcs of chocs

And this is the sample for a box of 9pcs of chocs

Thursday, July 2, 2009

1st Order

Today i got my first choc order from mom's!!!.. Its bcoz mom happily brought some of my chocs as to please her sweet tooth to school today n then she shared wit her fren who accidentally craving for chocs..after some chit chat n also coz of the deliciousness of my chocs (haha..perasan), my mom's fren decided to place an order for 9pcs of here it is..

Here is the combination of white, milk n dark choc with orange, s'berry, almond n bavarian fillings.. The dark choc is not too dark coz may be its only 52% dark..hmm..shud be darker next time (as if many people love dark choc)..

Coming Soon!!!

Hmm..i ve received a request from some people to post about chocolates available and also their prices.. Sorry guys for being late but it may take some time for me to do that but I can assure that I ll post it soon..insha allah.. Thx for ur support..

Testing..Testing 123..

So..this is my 2nd blog which I dedicated to share anything bout chocolate coz if I only wrote about choc in my 1st blog, its quite bored.. Any ideas, comments or etc are highly appreciated..

The layout is kinda pinky..Sorry for those who r allergic to this color..However, let me remind u that pink color can have benefits physically and mentally..not making this up..check here..